The registry is an opportunity which will enable you to tell your military story which will be placed on a website with "read only" access. This website will enable anyone who wishes to read a military story of any veteran who has a paver in the monument paver garden an opportunity to do so.

Your story will become permanent history in the registry for your relatives and friends to view in the future. Each story will be keyed to the respective paver to enable locating a paver in the garden.

To have your story entered in the registry you must write the story of your military experience and include a military photo of yourself if available. Photos will be returned upon request. For assistance, questions, or where to send your completed story see the contact information on the next page.

The Carver County Veterans Memorial and Registry does not independently verify information submitted by or on behalf of a military veteran or any other person set forth or referenced in the Registry. The Carver County Veterans Memorial and Registry disclaims liability and is not responsible for any erroneous or misinformation posted on its website or contained within the Veterans Registry.

Stories or information posted on the Registry may not be reprinted or otherwise used without the written permission of the Carver County Veterans Memorial and Registry and all entries are subject to copyright and all copyright laws apply.


Anyone who has served in the US military and was honorably discharged can buy a paver and submit a story. Families may wish to honor or remember a family member or friend who served our
country. The pavers will be engraved with the veteran's name, branch of service, and era in which they served.

To order a paver fill out the form attached to this brochure and send to the "mail to" address provided along with $250.00, one paver per form. If you need additional forms, please call the number listed below.

The pavers will be 16"x8"x3"


Even though the sale of pavers is expected to fund the cost of the memorial construction, your tax exempt donations will be gladly accepted. They may be in memory of a loved one or a friend who already has a paver in the garden or a donation for the maintenance and upkeep of the monument and registry.

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